Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Sky over Georgia

On a Saturday evening right before sunset, a surprisingly nice summer evening in the 80s (cool for this time of year at this time of evening) with the humidity that seemed to be lower than usual. Could actually sit outside for a bit. For that we should be truly thankful!

Would love to take a skyful of raindrops.... rain come on and stay and play a while!

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Debbie said...

Hey Cathy, if you somehow get rain to fall in your neck of the Georgia woods send some over to Decatur! Thanks for checking out my blog. For my absorba rug I used a little bit from one cone and then 2 and maybe a half of balls for the other colors. Hobby Lobby only had one cone of Ecru. If I had a ball winder or a lot of patience, I could have wound up a big fat ball of Ecru off of my cone but decided just to use balls of Sugar n Creme instead. The bathmat really did knit up superfast but I must admit I was a woman obsessed with it. Would suggest to take special care with very loosely binding off the edges. That is what got my hands cramping.

Think you asked about the baby bib too. If I concentrated on them I could probably get one finished in an evening. They usually take me a week but I was knitting here and there on them. Good luck and post pictures!!!