Sunday, July 16, 2006

Snake in church? Snow and hail in July?

Well, it's been an interesting day in the sultry south today. Church was a typical Sunday in July - attendance so so - folks that are typically there were there. After church, our senior warden was looking up at the ceiling fan at the church and said... do you see anything up there? -- Well, all I could see was beyond that close to the belfry what looked like could have been a dirt dobber nest. So nope, my eyes were of no help to her.. senior warden believes she is seeing a snake. Well, we have had our share of wasps up in church, and an occasional dog comes visiting so we figured another of God's creature may appear. We needed younger eyes. Younger eyes are few and far between in our little congregation. Case was unresolved as I left the church to go to lunch with my mom and a friend.

So.... we go to lunch and have a GREAT meal with great company. I look outside by the pool and I thought the sky was looking rather ominous, which I should think that because any rain cloud we might see today should not be descripted like that because we should embrace it. As we were departing, a huge clap of thunder boomed and so I thought I better get a move on to the van so I can pull it up to the door so not all of us would get wet. I run to the car through the rain (though I really wanted to get soaking wet from the rain - to remember what it is like). I get to the car and go to the covered walkway where all of the golfers and their carts had pulled under to protect them from the elements. As Mom and Naomi come into the van, Mom says... "do you see that hail?" - I said no... I didn't feel or see any. She said, look - there it is.. all over the ground. Then she know it looks like's floating (mind you it is 100 degrees outside) and I see the floating white specks as the wind is blowing from the storm. I look in my rear view mirror and see it all over the ground.. and then I see the culprit. There, standing beside the parking lot, pretty as you please, was a white crape myrtle, whose flowers had experienced no wind nor rain for who knows how long. So this little bit of weather we experienced got us so excited we had blown it to epic proportions of hail and snow. To see crape myrtle snow, go here

Oh yes, the suspect snake church attender - we believe it is now a cord that connects the fan to electricity. Whew, thought we were really going to get a reputation in town.


Carolanne said...

So you prayed for rain and you got it! But rain doesn't cool you down at all??
We visited GA in 2002 and I still remember how hot it got, there.
By the way, you're right - I am a teacher.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

revabi said...

Only in the sultry south can you have snow in July and then it still be hot and humid.

What would you all have done if it was a snake in the church?

Elysbeth said...

I love your profile photo, very fun indeed. At least in the South you don't feel odd drinking Iced Tea in a Crepe Myrtle Snowstorm. Hmmn, That sounds like a nice colourway for handdyeing sock yarn, soft whites, touches of lavender, deep green, smudges of brown, hmnn.

Carmen Andres said...

"though I really wanted to get soaking wet from the rain - to remember what it is like". oh, me, too. me, too.

see-through faith said...

laughing - good story telling here. Thanks

Questing Parson said...

Gracious, I think I'd consider the possibility of a snake in the sanctuary an answer to my prayer of "Lord, could you please get this congregation moving?"

King of Peace said...

In the Episcopal Church everything is done decently and in good order and a snake on the ceiling fan is neither. It had to be an electrical cord as the other possibility just would not have been proper. What sort of drinks would one serve after removing the snake? Who could know?