Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday sky - but more importantly....

Yes, today is Saturday Sky day and you see the image that I took of the sky around noon. Hot, humid, and nary a sign that it was going to rain. We have had teasers of clouds, of thunder claps, and even a drop or two of rain. We have looked at the radar on tv and have seen what appear to be torrential downpours just a stone's throw away. Frustrating, since we have only gotten 2 inches in 4 months. The grass looks as though it wants to die, and hydrangeas and even the pine trees were starting to show their lack of hydration. Dismal and frustrating for a place that usually gets more rain than we want.
What does it take to get it to rain? Well, I think I found the solution. I picked up the furniture my Mom had purchased. Go ahead and tempt the clouds to do WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! - So.... move over Saturday Sky, we are making room for Saturday RAIN. I went outside to take pictures. I even took a picture of the drain to show we got REAL RAIN. Of course the furniture was in the truck (table and chairs, no upholstery, thank goodness, so wasn't quite as frantic).
How many rain drains make it into a blog? (or whatever you call them) The beauty of the rain flowing out of that drain - I all but put my feet in it. (oh - and the plant to the right of the drain is Dutchman's Pipe, larval food for pipevine swallowtails as well as some others. It has a bloom on it, but it looks a little ragged - it's also known as the Calico plant because of the unusual bloom.

Last, but not least, a hummingbird at the feeder.

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annie said...

Hi Cathy! Glad you got the much needed rain, love the picture of the rain coming out the water drain. You know rain is sorely needed when the pine trees show signs of dehydration.