Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Sky - Saturday Baby

It's another hot day in Georgia with our car thermometer registering 103 degrees - heat index has been hovering around 115 - it's sweltering and we are in desperate need of rain - I am even praying for a tropical depression to sit on us for a few days. The lows have been in the mid 70s and going outside is exhausting.
The Saturday sky was particularly pretty at noon today and I caught a glimpse of it today while getting in the car.
Now Abby is the Saturday baby -- do you notice that Abby and baby have the same letters in it? I think that is pretty cool - she came with her Meme and my Mom and me to the local bakery while we ate sandwiches. She stole the show as she sat and watched us while we ate - if you look very very closely (maybe even click on the picture) you might notice she has toe nail polish on her little toes. Her first, I am sure, of many "pedicures" in her life. Everyone say hello to Abby!


Carolanne said...

Hello Abby - cute baby!
I wish I could have some of that heat over here. I am tired of being cold even though it doesn't get all that cold here.

Songbird said...

What a cutie-pie! I love those baby feet.