Thursday, October 13, 2005

I almost didn't sing - it once was lost, but now is found

Right after posting my "Sing sing sing" entry, I got up to get my music and head off to rehearsal. So I started looking for my folder in the typical place I might put it. The book case, by the computer, on the piano are typical places. No go... so I went to the van. Did I leave it in there? Nope, not there. So then I started looking for less likely places. .. ..

Well, we did have company last weekend and I did sort of cram and slam some things in different places and by chance, could have ending up in a topsy turvy location? Nope.. not in those places either.

So I called up my dear husband, and asked him to look in the truck, knowing full well that we didn't take the truck last week. Knowing to keep peace with a frantic woman, he dutifully checked in his truck. Nope.

Hmmmmmmm.... now I was getting sick. Wha was I going to do if all of my music accidentally got thrown away in my quick tidying of the house? What if I go down to rehearsal without my music...rehearsal is an hour away...should I just not go. NO, I can't do that...we perform Sunday and I have a solo in the Haydn piece... hmmmm... I call the BAR (ha! ya got to read last week's post to put that piece together) to see if I left it music wasn't there either...

I decide to go to's in the church we will sing in this Sunday.. and I get there late (I HATE being late and am almost always on time). The downtown area is PACKED with cars and I have to park a good ways away downhill from the church.
Get to the church and one could hang meat in there - mind you cold weather doesn't get here until November (and some of you would never thing it gets cold here). I could hear the warm up outside the big church and the acoustics were great. I hope and pray someone will have mercy on me to share their music and I have no reason to believe otherwise.
Well, I walk up and there my music was. Someone had picked it up last week. Safe and sound. I was relieved. I was exhausted from the worry - worry that expended energy as if that worry would have produced the find any quicker. Bless a fellow angel's heart (that's a southern statement) I had my music and could sing to my heart's content.
I have my music now..I KNOW EXACTLY where it is..
By the way, look for me at the concert Sunday. I'll be wearing black and I'll have my music.


Lorna said...

welcome to the Rev Gals -we're glad to have you with us!!!

It's horrible when you lose something vital like that isn't it? Glad you and the folder were reunited

Songbird said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was there.

Annie said...

There you are! Hey! I've had that happen! Only I don't sing. I play bells.


Norma said...

"exhausted from the worry - worry that expended energy"

Amen, sister.