Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fall Break

Yes, we have a Fall Break which gives a brief reprieve from school. Tropical Storm Tammy is teasing many as it gives us a smattering of rain while others north of us are getting drenched.

Tuesday evening, we had what looks to be a regular knit in in our little town. We have been working on Cloths for Katrina. Here is the LOOT:

57 - yes 57, cloths were turned in that evening. Well.....2 slipped away towards the end as 2 adorable little girls at the cafe were very curious... well who can resist those innocent eyes? And who knows, we may be planting the seed for future knitters!! So we are temporarily down to 55 until we get a few more in.

Now, my alter blog - Plays With Pointy Things, the blog I co-blog with some friends, has a little charity knitting door prize/drawing towards the end of the month. So, though I am ineligible by default and am giving yarn away (and there is something fishy about giving yourself a prize in a drawing) - I am linking you to the above site. It's got the rules and guidelines. Spread the word!!


Running2Ks said...

They are beautiful!

my secret word--nhitr--almost looks like it says knitter.

Donna said...

Hi Cathy, great job on the cloths. Where did you send yours?

Cathy said...

We have a database we will select from. I am not the person that will be mailing it so not sure. We will be collecting more tomorrow.

Emily said...

Woohoo! You go girls!