Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tea for Two

Dear Rachael and Tara,

What a lovely ladies tea time we had today. While I was having a meeting, you two were getting your hair done at the beauty parlor. Then you got dressed up for us to have a nice ladies' day at White Columns at Lela, which is down the road between Bainbridge and Donalsonville and just right for a time for us to have a nice get together. You two posed for pictures before we ate our lunch and then..... after working up an appetite from all that picture taking, we were seated and got to choose what we wanted.
You two were special because the ladies there gave you hats to wear for your lunch. And, something else was mighty special too:
the ladies that work there made a special pot of iced tea and gave you special cups and saucers so you could pour your own tea without being worried that it was hot! Your manners were the very best.

Tara had a grilled cheese croissant sandwich with baked potato soup, with a glass of milk to top it off. Rachael had a quesadilla with pesto and cheese and other yummy vegetables and a tossed salad. And to finish their lunch, Tara had brownie ala mode, and Rachael and a lemon bar.

After the meal that left us so full that we should have found a bed nearby to sleep off our full stomachs, we went to the gift shop and saw all the teacups and saucers. Then, we got to go to the hat room and found two more hats.

I hope you two girls had as much fun as we did watching you. It was too much fun.


Running2Ks said...

I love this. I love this! This is the best girly stuff ever :)

Songbird said...

What a lovely pictorial! I know a certain Princess who would have enjoyed that party very much.

Colleen said...

Oh dear. Rachael's monogrammed jumper gave me flashbacks. Every fall my mother insisted on buying us monogrammed sweaters just like that. I don't know why. Of course, they were always about a size too big so that we would get "lots of wear" from them. Ahh, I love being 30, but I miss the tea-times.