Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Meme

ok, I have had a run on meme's but I like RevGalPal's Blog so I will participate.

A mixture of the deep and the shallow today, in honor of All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day---
1) Favorite Halloween Candy - specifically Halloween candy - Candy Corn
2) Least Favorite Halloween Candy - I don't like Gummi bears (is that Halloween Candy?) how about licorice (bleh..shudder)
3) Best Costume Ever - I loved my Raggedy Ann costume in 3rd grade
4) Worst Costume Ever - don't remember
5) A Saint you treasure (please feel free to use the definition of "Saint" that is meaningful to you and to your faith tradition and life experience)
Of the Saints on a calendar -- Julian of Norwich and Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky (I love his story)
Saints in my life - Maria, and those of you who know me know who she is and why - I wish I was more like her.


Songbird said...

I'm right with you on the licorice; why would it appeal to anyone?

Apostle John said...

No one has ever proven to me that licorice was actually intended to be eaten.

Lorna said...

licorice is THE national sweet here in Finland with salmiakki

send it all over here :)

be blessed

Lorna said...

PS meant to say - and got distracted - would love to hear more about your friend and why she's a real saint in your life. :) bless her and you!