Thursday, October 06, 2005


Never say our women's chamber choir is not flexible. In an attempt to bring us a little closer and have some social time, we were scheduled to have a rehearsal at a local restaurant. When we got there, we realized we needed to go to PLAN B because the lights were so dim in the restaurant that the majority of us over 40 folks would have not been able to read the music.

In addition, there was piped in background music, and that would have been interesting, not to mention the karaoke that was going to crank up at some point.

So, Plan B kicks in - we go next door to the La Quinta Inn - why do motels all have the same motel smell when you walk in the front door? WHAT IS THAT SMELL?

Where do we practice? We practice in the area that folks have their breakfast in the motel. Right behind our director was the orange juice. Look a little to his right and lo and behold, the coffee.
And in between breaths, we could hear the phone ring at the desk (I bet the people on the other end of the phone thought they had been put on hold with the singing nuns).

And, of course, we did have our social time - at the restaurant, this time in a little corner of the bar, being that it was ladies' night, wine was 25 cents, (don't know how much my iced tea was, it never got there before leaving) - DH had gone shopping and was back to get me so we vamoosed on home.

AND, WHERE WAS MY CAMERA??? I rarely leave home without it.. I have rehearsed many a place, but not in the lobby of a motel. Didn't even get a chance to photograph my knitting!

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