Friday, December 16, 2005

This and that

Today school let out for the holidays. The students will return on January 9 so they have 3 weeks without school - after a week of what seemed like much longer than the 5 days that comprise a week, it's a time that all teachers were looking forward to - finally a breather to regroup and refresh.

Last night's concert was different -- it's the first time we have sung in the balcony behind the audience for the majority of the performance. What a different it makes not seeing faces while singing! However, the acoustics were very good and we got good feedback from the audience.

Tomorrow Chin our oldest dog goes to get groomed. Well overdue, we cannot see her eyes. Chin is not the best customer in the dog world as she gets a bit testy when they get around her ears.
Here is a picture when she is somewhat groomed. I will try to get a picture of her prior to her grooming tomorrow. She will appreciate us more tomorrow afternoon.

Christmas shopping has been minimal so far and plan to keep it that way. Do you think that folks are getting away from some of the commercialization of Christmas because they are sick of it or do you think it is the economy ??? Seems like the few times I have been in the stores (and it's been very few times lately), the shelves don't look very empty, I don't see full parking lots, and I haven't seen HUGE lines of folks at the register. What do you think?

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