Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brief tidbits of information

Brief tidbits of information:

Today, it was colder this morning here than in Minneapolis, MN and Bismarck, ND - we are 15 miles north of the Florida state line. We got to 25 degrees. As I type this at 11:45 pm, it is 32 here.... 34 in Minnepolis. Hmmmmmmm... makes you wonder sometimes!

The sock below almost has a fraternal twin. Almost is the key word, will have to take out a little bit to make a small repair and then the socks will be complete.

Because of the hecticness of work schedules in this household during the season, it was not meant for me to attend Evening Prayer this evening. Eight year old, wound up with her Energizer Battery, would not have understood the 15 minutes of quiet, silent meditation. I, however, believe would have greatly benefitted after today's hecticness that I prefer not to experience again. As Barbara Grafton sent out in her "almost daily emo" yesterday, I should read again:

"Cut down the number of things you do until you can genuinely love every last one them. Let love be your guide and your delight, and inhabit a world small enough for that to happen -- it will grow later, as needed, as love fills and softens you and makes you more elastic. God, the author of love, isn't interested in giving us nervous breakdowns at Christmastime or any other time. Love isn't supposed to wear us out. It comes among us to make us strong. "


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Donna said...

This quote is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas.