Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Sock Doth Not Make a Finished Product

Here is phase one of the sock making. Basic sock with not so basic yarn. My first sock with the famous "Socks that Rock" yarn. Their color selection is too much fun to choose from and for the life of me I can't remember the colorway of this, but I THINK it is Seastone (though I thought it also might be Azure Malochite also, but I don't think so).
If for no other reason you go to look at the choices, go just for the names of the sock colors. Very creative and it makes me want to buy the socks just for the names.
Ruby Slippers comes to mind as does Blarney Stone and Scottish Highlands (last time I checked they were unavailable, but who knows a new shipment may have come in - do I want to know if they have those?? Yes and No.)
I REALLY like the feel of this yarn - Merino superwashed - fingering weight and feels just right.
Pattern is Basic Sock pattern using size 2 needles (2 circulars). The yarn just glides and using the Addi Turbo circular needles, this was by far the fastest knit of socks so far (well, I haven't made THAT many - but I am getting the hang of it)
So....socks that rock fans... are these Seastone or Azure Malochite?

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