Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ring the Bell

It's the dreariest of days - yesterday was a day of raining all day long. Today is the same type of day sans rain. I know you northerners that read this chuckle but it is the kind of cold here that gets down to the bone and is hard to warm up. There is no snow to justify it, no temps below freezing, but just plain old cold raw feeling.

This morning I poked around getting ready for church and discovered that all the hot water had been used up so I had to knock the timer back on. Made me late for church - got there right after the sermon but before Eucharist. Wore my Irish Walking Cape and wool hat - someone said I looked like a nun - I don't take that as an insult, though I cannot consider myself anywhere near the type that could take some of those vows. But black was the decor of my dress for the day.

Picked up some skeins of yarn that make nice scarves - takes me a couple of hours to crank those out and my daughter likes hers and that is as good as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

Tonight our group sings for the last time of the season and it will be recorded - perhaps we might see a Christmas CD come out yet!

Tomorrow, DH's daughter and I will go ring the bell for Salvation Army. A little cute girl always sweetens the pot PLUS we get to do community service together. We dress all up and ring our bells!

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Running2Ks said...

I love that you are doing charity together. That is great all around--for her, you, AND the people you help.