Saturday, December 17, 2005

RevGalPals Christmas Meme

  • Have you ever gotten a really good kiss under the mistletoe? Tell the truth. Spare no details. Was the mistletoe real, because kisses under the fake stuff do. not. count.

    Gotten a peck of a kiss. We do have real mistletoe here - found WAY up in the trees. When it is hung it looks so disappointing compared to the picture that you see or the plastic round one that looks NOTHING like it.

  • Do you know anyone who makes real eggnog, not the stuff from the carton? And if so, do you actually like it?

    Yes, I know someone that makes knock your socks off eggnog - wow... once you taste that you will never want to return to the stuff in the carton - sickenly sweet. BTW, they now have eggnog sweetened with Splenda.

  • What's your favorite Christmas party album/CD ever?

    I don't know what my favorite Christmas party album/CD is, but I have LOTS of Christmas CDs that I enjoy. I enjoy Anonymous 4's Wolcum Yule and I also like Maddy Prior's Christmas CD. Last one is nice and earthy sounding. Does anyone else like Maddy Prior?

  • Does your office/workplace have a party? Do the people there ever behave the way people in movies behave at office parties, which is to say, badly?

    Yes we have a party, but haven't been to one in the past couple of years. As teachers, are "behaving badly" is usually bordering on silliness and cutting up, but that is the extent of it. We teacher types stay pretty squeaky clean at these types of party. Nothing there to alter our behavior.

  • If you have to bring something to a party, what is it likely to be? Do people like it?

    Hmmmm, I am not really a cook so it always varies and it is simple. this week I got some fresh salsa from Sam's and put some corn and black beans in it and brought chips for a dip. I got several emails wanting the recipe -- they knew it was from my HUSBAND (who is an excellent cook) - I laughed and said that was MY RECIPE!

If you read this, consider yourself tagged!

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Running2Ks said...

Am I the only person who thinks eggnog tastes like bizarro banana bubble gum? I must be.

LOL on the recipe :)