Friday, November 04, 2005

Where has this week gone? And Fair Friday Five

This week has flown by and before I knew it, Friday arrived. It's been a whooooosh kind of week and it's been blur. Life slowed down for me to finish this sock. It's my first sock to be completed using two circular needles and I must say it is a LOT easier than using 4-5 double pointed. I am a convert to this method.

The sock yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn in the colorway Safari and I used size 2 circulars.

And........ Fall is slowly creeping into this part of the world and I found a little bit of Fallish colors in the back of the school I believe it is Virginia Creeper growing up this tree. Just enough color to know it is fall in "these here parts".

Fair Friday Five is particularly apropro with some of us gathering to work on "Gifts in a Jar" tomorrow morning at the church. Soups and cookies are in order for the day and we hope to wipe out a "mess" of them so we have some goodies to sell.

1) Favorite thing about Church Fairs
I love the anticipation of it opening and watching the community come in - it's like "I saw this last year too"

2) Best Item Ever at a Church Fair
My "saint" would create the most beautiful hand made dolls - one year she did Princess Diana in her wedding gown. It was stunning. The doll in this posting was made to look like my daughter - she had a dress just like that. (I refrain from showing her bloomers and slip - this is a family friendly blog.) Note the shoes are made from leather from purses. Hair is made of dmc thread. Maybe one day I will share her undergarments....
border on dress was the same that I usedon her dress as was the material. I treasure the dolls she made for my kids.

3) Opinion of cotton dishcloths, that staple of Church Fairs everywhere
I am making them. Don't usually like the color combinations, but they do seem be popular. Think we will make gift baskets with some cloths and soup in a jar as a basket gift

4) Major Lunch Offering at your fair or the last fair you attended
Wonderful chicken salad with chunks of chicken, pecans and grapes and celery. YUM!

5) Worst Item Ever at a Church Fair. Oh I have seen some of the white elephants that were questionable as to whether they should have been there. Also some bridge table cloths made from vintage 60's double knit were hideous.

Every year we swear we will never do another bazaar. This year, I think we will mean what we say....


Emily said...

Love the sock--I guess now I'm going to have to sign up for the two circs class at my LYS, after I finish the pair I'm working on now.

Chicken salad sounds great. Has to have the grapes.

Running2Ks said...

I am always amazed by your talent with the cloth and the yarn. Being completely deficient in that area myself :)

Songbird said...

After two years of watching the fair get more successful, we had a setback today, so I'm not sure what they will do about next year. :-(