Wednesday, November 23, 2005


All five our our children are here - and that happens rarely. With blended families and diverse ages, I am not sure if it has actually happened but just a few times. WE went to the downtown gazebo and took a group picture. We even were coordinated and seemed somewhat together. I THINK we might have a family Christmas card!

Today's menu was:
Turkey breast
Spiral ham
cornbread dressing
broccoli casserole
green bean casserole (at several folks request - first for me at Thanksgiving)
sweet potato casserole (#2 daughter made this)
watergate salad (no marshmallows - cottage cheese instead)
apple pie
pumpkin pie
pickled tomatoes
black olives (at 8 year old request)
chutney with hot mango chutney and cranberry and now sure what else (friend Sooz made it - great on turkey - was Southern Living recipes)
celery stuffed with pimento cheese

Several casualties found around the house - snoozin' and snorin' and general slothfulness due to overconsumption.

Tonight's meal for moi.... turkey sandwich on WHITE bread (unusual these days) and REAL Coca cola - fully leaded, fully charged. It's a nostalgia thing.....


Norma said...

Wow that's quite a menu. I thought our table was groaning!

Running2Ks said...

Whew, that is a whole lot of food!!!

LutheranChik said...

Yum! The spiral ham is giving me ideas for Christmas -- I'm debating between that and a nice cut of beef.

Was the mango chutney hot as in spicy-hot or hot as in warmed? This week I had some great mango-habanero salsa from American Spoon Foods, a Michiganian specialty-foods outfit that makes really great preserves...mmmm! It was served on cream cheese, which was fortuitous because it did have quite a nip to it, what with the habanero pepper...but it was sure tasty.

What is Watergate salad? (with or without marshmallows?)

Cathy said...

The mango chutney was a part of the recipe - it had a little kick to it - not warm as in temperature warm.
Watergate salad -
pkg of sugar free pistachio pudding
cottage cheese (instead of marshmallow)
20 oz can of crushed pineapple
cool whip (can't remember the amount)
Kraft foods has the recipe on its website.