Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Daylilies, socks and there's always a first time

I believe if you click on this image you will get a more impressive picture of the thousands of this daylily garden. Over in Whigham, Georgia, Farmhouse Daylily Gardens has acres of daylilies which offers a feast for the eyes. My visit over there was my end of the school year visit to pick up some daylilies to special folks that work with me.

Fraternal socks, these are - these blue striped socks were knit for Laura - but I am not sure they are going to fit - they are knit from Regia socks on size 2 needles. This yarn doesn't have the substance that Socks that rock do, but I guess that is comparing apples to oranges, since one is 100% superwash merino (STR) and Regia is a superwash wool/nylon blend.
Wasn't too successful in making them identical, but in producing two of the same, just like twins, sometimes you get identical, sometimes fraternal.

Went to get my haircut today and in a whimsical moment while getting my hair done, my beautician, who I have been using for almost 20 years, said, "Want to get your eyebrows waxed for that cruise you are going on?" I said "Sure", so I got my first waxin' - well, I won't say what I said when she peeled the wax off the first eyebrow - because I will keep this blog G rated. Anyway, all I can say is "that was an experience" - Actually I haven't plucked a single eyebrow since high school and have been perfectly content. I don't see much difference myself and my husband couldn't see a difference with it either.
I believe my hairdresser holds some spell over me, since I have been going so long to her, that once when she couldn't do my hair, I felt like I was betraying her. She even knew I was going to someone else... I wrung my hands in anxiety like I was violating some code of ethics that was written in stone somewhere. How long have any of you readers been going to the same hairdresser?

Oh, cruise information - Royal Caribbean, Mariner of the Seas travelling to the Eastern Caribbean.

Tomorrow, we close on our new house. Stay tuned for more information.


Songbird said...

If you think the eyebrows hurt, you should try the lip...@#$%^!!!!!
(I didn't swear, but I did gasp!)

Emily said...

Ah, the hairdresser thing. I finally found one I really like here in OKC. Whew! It's so tragic when you move and have to find a new one.