Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer Haircut

Dear Davis,

Though you now live a good bit further away from me, I still keep up with you. I do miss your visits and our chance to get to see caterpillars grow into butterflies. Your mom tells me that you like birds too and have binoculars to watch them. Maybe one day you will grow up to be an ornithologist.

However, Davis, I don't think your calling is going to be as a barber. Your Mom sent me a picture of your self given haircut, and I think it is a good idea to leave your haircuts to Mr. Kim, the "Super Barber" - he seems to know more about haircuts than you do. I think it best to keep on honing those birdwatching and caterpillar catching skills than getting scissor happy.

Here is a picture of Mary G. - rumor has it she is exploring the possibility of her profession as being a soil sampler. Beautiful picture!

Mr. Squirrel wants to ask you something...

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sooz said...

Miss Cathy, you are so funny! Thanks for my letter. Yes, I do have squirrels and chipmonks in my backyard even though my two sporting (mom uses that term very liberally)dogs in the yard. Oh, I better go. I'm headed to the pool, but I'm also on the hunt for a lizard.
I miss you too!

Patti said...

My son did that when he was 5. Those fiskar scissors for kids work way too well! He was almost bald, and we had to shave his head.

Sally said...

My daughter and her best friend tried this when they were 4 , they both had short hair for the summer- and hated it!!!
Both of them now 22 have beautiful long hair and laugh about their hairdressing atempts!!!