Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday 5 - June 23 from Rev Gal Pals

Seems like I just did last week's Friday five (I did) - suitcase found, house moving still in progress, but I couldn't resist the ice cream meme.
1. Ice cream: for warm weather only or a year-round food?
Ice cream is year round food - it's comfort food. mmmm

2. Favorite flavor(s)
Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mint (note specifically the brand name, though Breyers does a pretty good job.
Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia
Raspberry Truffle from Working Cow Ice Cream (I want to know how they put the raspberry goody inside that chocolate chip).
Edy's French Silk

3. Cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, cup?
All of those sound pretty good to me, but I do like a waffle cone :)

4. Childhood ice-cream memory
Well, this is sort of an off shoot of ice cream, but I remember learning this song in school - does anyone else remember it and remember the rest of the words?
If you have a nickel,
You can buy a popsicle,
You can buy it from the popsicle man.
You can have any flavor,
that you wish or you favor,
You can buy it from the popsicle man.

It seems that there was more to this song than this. Please let me know if you know this song, remember it, and even if you don't remember any of the lyrics, let me know. Mrs. Wooten was the music teacher at Kate Sullivan school and we sang on long benches in the music room.

5. Banana splits: discuss.
I like Banana split blizzards better than regular banana splits.... discussion over.


reverendmother said...

Can't help with the song, sorry!

Mary Beth said...

As you will recall, my older siblings went to school at Kate Sullivan for a few years...though they are a little younger than you maybe? My mom too but she is definitely older. :)

I'll poll the family to see if they know it.

Glad your suitcase came home!

Laura said...

Hi, CAthy!
I am SO jealous. I've got the lactose intolerance thing going on, and I miss ice cream. Every one in a while it's worth the pain. Love Cherry Garcia! And sometimes I can find Breyer's Lactaid, but it only comes in vanilla.
I, too, am Episcopalian, and mother-in-law to Frank at King of Peace. And I was born in Bainbridge!