Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quick Knit Request

"Mom, I am going to Atlanta to market - will you make me a red scarf?"
This is the 2nd request for a red scarf as her sister requested one at Christmas. I was excited - two daughters have requested I knit them something so away I went. Knowing I was up against a deadline and KNOWING I had baby blanket deadlines that I continue to be up against, I knew this had to be a quickie - so I got some Wool-Ease, doubled it and got out the size 13s and away I went with a simple garter stitch scarf. This is approximately five feet in length so should do nicely to wear several ways.

Quick and simple, machine washable, and glad to be able to make her one. Now, this picture was not so easy to take because as soon as I took it, Tillie wanted to be a part of the picture so here is another rendition of the scarf ala Tillie:

Here is a nice picture of our church's steeple on a winter day - along with a beautiful sky!


Running2Ks said...

OK, you are amazing. That is a QUICKIE? Sheesh, I am so not that crafty and quick. It would take me year to make that beautiful scarf!

HeyJules said...

I love the scarf. I love the dog. I LOVE the picture of the church!

Naomi said...

Cathy, the scarf is beautiful. Glad Laura is getting the buying experience. Tillie is cute as always and the church steeple picture is awesome.

Emily said...

I love the church photo. Very lovely.

LutheranChik said...

Scarf, doggie, church steeple...all wonderful! (My dog, in contrast to yours, looks like one of those "Before" pictures on the Maltese rescue websites, LOL...when it's cold and dry outside, his hair sticks out in all directions.)

The steeple photo is so could really be the dominant graphic on a church publication.

Hey, Cathy, have you ever heard of Afghans for Afghans? I blogged about it tonight...back a couple of years ago when I was very much into knitting and crocheting I made several hats and pairs of mittens for this organization, which sends handcrafted blankets and winterwear to Afghanistan and surrounds.