Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One Baby Blanket Completed

Yes, Sophie's blanket is now complete. Pattern comes from Knit Along with Debbie Macomber and is a simple basketweave pattern -easy to memorize the pattern and getting into the rhythm of the pattern. It's about 45 inches square and I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (color is Pink a Boo - cute huh) (80% cotton 20% wool) - it says it is handwash only, but in the test I attempted with my swatch, the washing machine and dryer did quite nicely. In fact, I think it looks better after the wash and dry than before. So Sophia Elizabeth, you have my permission to arrive.
Now 2 more blankets to go and I don't think me giving them permission is going to make a difference. Methinks they may make it before their blanket's completion.
I think if you click on these pictures you will get a close up of the pattern.


Emily said...

That's a gorgeous blanket, Cathy!

Naomi said...

Cathy, the blanket is beautiful. Now where is the one you are knitting with all the different pretty colors?
Cheers. Naomi

Jeri said...

Pretty, pretty. How many balls of Cotton Fleece went into this pretty baby blankie?

Cathy said...

I'm making another one right now - I am guessing about 5 skeins, but not sure - it really works up nicely and washes and dries nicely too!