Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday sky and blooms

I went to a friend's house this morning to deliver some boxes and her large oak tree offered a glorious view of the sky through its branches and leaves. So I offer this view of the sky on a hot summer Saturday.

On her steps, her morning glory, which shows off every summer had a collection of blooms that called the camera's name.

Lastly, an althea bloom caught my attention - member of the hibsiscus family, it's also called Rose of Sharon.

Oh, am I still knitting? You betcha, just haven't gotten the camera out to capture some of the progress, or lack of, yet. Just keep in mind the blog is Cathy knits and MORE.

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Carolanne said...

Great photos.
Today we enjoyed a beautiful day even though it's Winter but I didn't take my camera outside. Do you carry your camera around with you, too?