Sunday, May 07, 2006


The end of this school year has been VERY busy. I have more IEPs this year to write, plus the coordinations of the meetings has been challenging to say the least. It leaves me with little energy to focus on knitting - as I get a few rows done here and there. I am so close to finishing Abby's blanket, I could be finished in a regular sitting. Also on the needle is Kit's sock - Sapphire, baby, is its name - I try to get a few rows done also.

Until I get a few more IEPs under the belt and all of the copying of them completed, I won't be able to focus well on anything else. It's the ability to focus with energy. There are a couple of things on my plate also that are taking up some energy, but that is in process and not bloggable at this time.
Singing tonight in a concert!


Norma said...

Your stuff always looks fabulous to me. Wondering if you'll knit some of the hair from this kitty(?) into the next project. Nice walking with you this spring. Thanks for inviting me.

Patti said...

IEP's, yuck! Guess what we're doing in NYS? No more IEP's for incoming Kindergartners, not until they're in 3rd grade. I have no idea what that will mean, but the psychologist was smiling enthusiastically as she explained this at our last faculty meeting. And I'm teachnig inclusioon again next year. For the third year in a row.