Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pray as you go

I believe I have posted about this previously, but I want to share with you a little bit more about Pray as you go. It started of as a project for Lent - by the Jesuits. Little did they know of the response they would get - so much so that they are continuing this ministry. Each weekday, for 10-12 minutes they offer to their listeners a meditation on Scripture that follows the liturgical year. However, there are several components that I find of comfort and inspiration to me.
  • Their music selections are diverse - sometimes it is Gregorian Chant, other times it is traditional sacred Choral music, while other times there is music that is contemporary, but always beautiful (and they don't keep you guessing - you can go to the web site and find out what you are listening to and if you like it enough you can find the resource there to find where to purchase it.)
  • Scripture readings are read by both men and women - and with a lovely British accent, read slowly and meditatively, with a meditation to listen and ponder about. Questions are asked for you to reflect upon as you listen, with some quiet time to listen to your inner voice.
  • Scripture readings are read twice - to offer more reflection
  • and... it concludes with many voices... "Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Amen." You can't help but say it with them

You don't have to have an IPOD to listen to it. You can download ITUNEs and listen to it on your computer, just as I am now. It's a free download.

If you notice the picture of the girl that I posted with this, she is listening to it with her eyes closed. It's the feeling you get when you listen to it.... it sends you to a different world, different from the hustle and bustle many of us feel in our lives.

They have asked their listeners to spread the word so others may enjoy and listen. They have already had a huge response of a quarter of a million listeners around the world - more than they ever expected. When you listen to it you will understand its popularity.

Let me know if you have listened to it - are there any of you out there listening to this? It soothes this frazzled being beyond understanding.


Corrina said...

I'm gonna snag some of those right. *This* frazzled soul really needs it. Thank you.

Jan said...

Thank you so much for this link. I've used Sacred Space for a long time but not recently and was pleased to have the prayer link too. Have been slowly getting back into the Sacred Space as well.

I have listened to today's, Monday's prayers and did find it great.
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