Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blarney Stone and Sapphire -Socks that Rock

I decided to start labeling my Socks that Rock yarn socks with their colorway name since for some strange reason Ilike to call my socks by those names. Is that weird? Sapphire is my favorite, but it doesn't belong to me. My friend, Kit, claimed that yarn when she saw it so I am knitting her a pair. I kind of wished I had knitted a pattern in it, but it's pretty no matter which way you shake it.

Blarney Stone, well, I could just kiss it --- I even like the pooling. I actually did a simple k2, p2 ribbing as the pattern as a baby step to trying a different pattern. I also tried a k1, s1 for the heel (the name of that style heel escapes me).
Neither Sapphire nor Blarney has a mate at the moment, but I don't suffer too badly from 2nd sock syndrome.... yet.
We enter into the last month of school tomorrow.


Norma said...

Are these comfortable? I can't imagine wearing socks like this inside shoes--although maybe as slippers. Pretty, though.

Jeri said...

Just found your blog. How are the second socks coming along?

And what weight of STR are you using?