Monday, March 20, 2006

Week Recap

It's been quite the week as every evening was a committed one. Book club with group and author interview with Lisa Tucker. "We read The Song Reader, which was her first book published. We really enjoyed her interview and getting insight into her ideas about the book.

Tuesday night was the evening to attend the last concert of the Concert Series in Thomasville - Dawn Upshaw was the performer and we were in for a treat with her beautiful soprano voice.

Wednesday evening I attended the Lenten Series at church - the book that is up for discussion is The Spirituality of Imperfection -

Thursday evening - rehearsal with my singing group -- by the end of the evening I was one tired puppy.

Friday evening, I went no where - the huge magnet at the house was attracting me to stay there..

However, I did accomplish the completion of my portable knitting - Socks that Rock - Rock Star.
I want to begin a solid color sock with a pattern in it, but until I have another set of size 2 circulars, I want to always have a sock that I can do without looking at the pattern.

Sunday was church - in the evening our book group discussed "When Religion Becomes Evil: Five Warning Signs." Next month's read is a selection of Flanner O'Conner short stories.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of completed socks - husband borrowed digital camera and I have not gotten any pictures.

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