Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Morning Prayer, Pray as you go, and Podcasts

Until recently, I had no idea what a podcast was, except it was something to do with computers. On National Public Radio this past weekend, I heard of a podcast developed called "Pray as you go" - it has been developed by British Jesuits on a trial basis during Lent. These podcasts are free downloads through Itunes and each meditation lasts approximately 10 minutes in length. Sacred music, scripture and meditation are all components of each day's podcast.

In addition, another podcast available is the Office of Morning Prayer, read daily by The Rev. Brenda Monroe from the Diocese of Atlanta.

Do you need an IPOD or MP3 player to be able to listen to these? No, you may listen to them through your computer if you have sound capability.

For now, I will listen to these two on my computer - maybe one day I can "Pray as I go" with an IPOD. Until then, I am content to listen in my home.


Think I am not knitting? - WRONG - trying to finish the Christening shawl - pictures soon to come.

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