Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fruits of my Labor

Today I worked on the Spanish Christening Shawl from Folk Shawls: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World by Cheryl Oberle. It's finally coming together now and I have finished one side of the edging. It's a garter stitch edging with yarn overs and K 2tog - so not too difficult. I still have a piece of lavender yarn running through the edge where the two connect.

This blanket is for Elliott, who was born in late February and would probably appreciate it if I hurried up and finished it before he gets here this weekend. Verdict is out whether I will be successful in accomplishing that feat. That pesky little thing called a JOB might keep me from getting it done before the next week.
One side completed, three sides to go.


Wonderland Knitter said...

Great job! What a pretty stitch pattern! Will you end up blocking this?

Lorna said...

It looks lovely. Too bad about the JOB! lol

Naomi said...

Cathy, It is absolutely gorgeous. the edge may jsut be yos k2tog but it is really pretty. And Ellitt will understand if it isn't finished by this weekend.

Songbird said...

That's beautiful! And I just today finished a baby gift for a late December baby, so you are way ahead of me!

Cathy said...

In answer to the blocking question, I think I will block it --even though it is superwash merino wool - I think it will give it a more finished look.
Thanks for the nice compliments all!

Naomi said...

Cathy, a little slow responding on personality type. You may not be surprised to learn that I am an ENFP-same as I have been since I first took the test years ago. Actually I took it twice this tiem, several days apart to see what results I would get.