Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where have I been?

I did not fall off of the blogging log, but I have been busy with work, which this time of the year is the absolute busiest, and I have been knitting, which I need to take pictures to show.
And... then... it happened... both husband and I woke up Tuesday morning sick.... as in let's not move too far away from any bathroom facility. Mom was a hero by getting us some clear liquids in the house to sustain us and stave off dehydration.
Today is our first day of thinking we might be able to do some work today so we are going to give it the old work ethic try.

OTN: Abigail's baby blanket is soon to be done. She enters intokindergartenher third month of life. Thank goodness I have made it long enough that she should be able to get some good use out of it. Also on the needles - 2 socks, not of the same yarn - one is Socks that Rock Sapphire colorway which I think is really "ME" but will go to a dear friend. The other name - well I can't remember if it is Blarney Stone or Amber Waves, but pictures are soon to come.
So please don't give up on me and think I have flown the coop from blogville, just a brief reprieve.

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