Sunday, February 12, 2006

Very cold in the Deep South and Bird droppings

I realize that for some of you, our cold weather is when you pull out your shorts and sleeveless shirts, but for us in the deep south, we are not used to weather where the thermometer does not reach 50 degrees. Today I was able to do something that I don't think I have done before - go to the grocery store BEFORE church, buying items that are required to go in the refrigerator or freezer, leave it out in the car, and go get some lunch and THEN go home to put the items away. For some of you, you may think this is an ordinary sort of thing, but down south, one does not do that. After grocery shopping with items requiring refrigeration, go STRAIGHT HOME.

Well, feeling quite smart with all of this, I went out to the van after church - parked under the big oak tree. I kid you not, there was bird poop droppings EVERYWHERE on the car - and not only my van, but all the other vehicles in the vicinity of the tree. On my half of the windshield, I counted 28 droppings -- now I don't normally go around counting such a thing, but I was conveying the information to my son on the phone to make my point as to how bad it was. I have determined 2 things.
  • What in the world did those birds eat to create the voluminous amounts of the stuff (sorry no picture - camera was at home getting battery recharged)
  • the birds could not possibly be of our church tradition, but had to be of another denomination to do such a thing

I do not generally dwell on such matters, but I had to go to the super duper car wash and get a deluxe wash and it still didn't remove it all.

ON a more positive note, I have a pot of chili on, started a fire and getting ready to knit.
By the way - that's a sky watcher photo at the top of the posting - last night on the way to Tallahassee, with the car moving, I captured this photo. Would have had more of the sky there, but the telephone lines were in the picture.


Norma said...

I hope things warm up for you. We get huge crowds of Canada Geese around here--people have started landscaping with large ponds, and they love to come and stay, and poop all over the park sidewalks, the church parking lot, and the children's playground. Huge piles of bird feces everywhere.

Naomi said...

Cathy, I did not notice the bird dropings on my car but did notice them on the car next to me and the look on the driver's face was priceless when she saw her car which was covered side to side and front to back. This morning I noted it was on the right side of my car which I did not notice yesterday!Naomi

JessaLu said...

Of another denomination?! bwahahahahaha!!!!!

Mary said...

I love the picture! :-)
The birds story is very strange. They can't possibly be from my denomination either...

St. Casserole said...

I thought EVERYBODY went home from the grocery to put their food away.
I'm in Mississippi so I can hardly get ice cream home 8 months of the year without a melty mess.

About the birds: do they teach hitting cars/trucks in Bird School?
What's with that?

Charlotte said...

I'm from the lowland zones in California ... I can so relate.

We had highs of 45 (that's unusual for a low) and snow on our very coastal mountains. Brrr!

St C - I am convinced that baby birds get lessons and must demonstrate proficiency before they are allowed to leave the nest.